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Wien (Land)

Columbusgasse (10.)

Columbus Mosaik

Columbus Mosaic

Emerich Sandig

Wien /  Columbus Mosaik   Wien /  Columbus Mosaik


Mosaik, showing a map of North America (Mexico is clearly recognizable at the bottom of the mosaik), with Columbus holding the Spanish flag (standing in the Great Lakes area) , one of Columbus's ships, a stereotypic tipi with an Indian chief and the seal of the United States (over Baja California). At the top three large black or grey birds are flying.


E. Sandig


The mosaik is on the northern façade of the house Columbusgasse 66, facing Rotenhofgasse, in Vienna's 10th Bezirk. This house is built in 1966. The mosaik has a rather irregular shape, and one of the birds and the ship are partly cut off, therefore I am not sure the mosaik is made for this building.



Locatie (N 48°10'26" - E 16°22'27")

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