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San Salvador Island

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Cross at Columbus Landing


San Salvador Island /  Cross at Columbus Landing


A nine-foot-high whitewashed cross at Landfall Park marks the spot where Columbus presumably landed. The Landfall Park includes a ring of flags from the 32 countries forming the Organization of American States, plus a monument to the Japanese foundation that recreated the Columbus voyage, and a white dove monument of peace dedicated to youth. There is also a sculpture recalling the Mexico Olympics of 1968. San Salvador was where the Olympic torch came ashore in the New World (description by Lee Foster).

The tall, stark, white cross (Mile Marker No. 6), perhaps the most photographed monument, stands at the edge of the water.
The white cross, erected on 25th December 1956 by Ruth Durlacher Wolper, commemorates the landfall of Christopher Columbus on San Salvador, during his discovery of the New World in 1492.


"on or near this spot
christopher columbus
landed on the
12th october 1492."...Admiral S.E. Morison DS..R
dedication ceremony and christmas services shared by all churches
25th december 1956
americans and natives worshipped together as symbol of faith
love and unity between all nations and for peace on earth.

Ruth C. (Durlacher) Wolper.


The third monument, a simple white concrete cross, was erected by Ruth Malvin, a long-time island resident. It was dedicated on Christmas Day 1956, by Samuel Eliot Morison. This monument, built on land available to Mrs. Malvin, faces west over the sweeping crescent of Long Bay, slightly further south than Hall's Landing where Morison believes Columbus anchored. Sur- rounded by staffs flying colorful flags of the Americas, this is the monument accepted by native San Salvadorians, Bahamian visitors, and international tourists as the site where Christopher Columbus landed.
N.B. This text by Leicester does not fully agree with the other information on this cross. Is Ruth Marvin identical with Ruth Durlacher Wolper?

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