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Zaragoza (prov.)

Plaza del Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Fuente de la Hispanidad


Zaragoza /  Fuente de la Hispanidad   Zaragoza /  Fuente de la Hispanidad


This very large monument includes (1) a fountain showing the shape of Latin America, (2) representation of Columbus' fleet and (3) the world without America. On the Google-Earth photo below these elements are indicated.

(1) The fountain. This had two parts. (a) A slope with water cascading into the form of the northern part of Latin America, and (b) a pond in the shape of the rest of South America.




(2) Three standing marble plates of different sizes as a representation of the three ships of Columbus.

(3) A terrestrial globe with the map according to the Greek geographer Ptolemy, showing only the old world.


On one of the marble plates (2):

esta plaza
de ntra. sra. del pilar
se remodelo
siendo alcalde de la ciudad
sr. d. antonio gonzalez triviño
y teniente de alcalde de urbanismo
d. luis garcia-nieto alonso
zaragoza 8 de mayo de 1991

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Location (N 41°39'24" - W 0°52'48")

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