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Poio San Salvador
Pontevedra (prov.)

Casa Museo de Cristóbal Colón


Poio San Salvador /  Casa Museo de Cristóbal Colón


A new museum is opened November 2010.

In the village of Porto-Santo, at Saint Salvador de Poio, there is the birth place of Christopher Columbus, a world famous Galician sailor who was the first person sailing to America from the European continent in the year 1492. Captain Columbus lived in a time when Galicia's naval fleet sailed throughout Europe, from the Baltic sea to the Mediterranean. He also was one of the first historical personalities to say that the world was round. At the birth place of the ilustrious sailor there is a cross dedicated by a family member called Xoan Colon.

Jorge Mira Perez, president of the association "Enrique Labarta", sent me the following extra information:
One of the members of the association "Enrique Labarta" has just edited a book (a dictionary, actually) based on the notes of Francisco Romero Lema, a man who tried to demonstrate the Galician origin of Cristobal Colon (Galicia is an autonomous region in northwest Spain). One of the works of Romero Lema is La lengua de Cristobal Colon (the language of Cristobal Colon), and in it he tries to demostrate his assertion, on the basis of Colon's vocabulary.
Furthermore, there is a book entitled La identidad de Cristobal Colon (The identity of Cristobal Colon), by Alfonso Philippot Abeledo, where it is claimed that Colon was of Galician origin, with birthplace at the village of Poio. In it there is a photograph of such suppossed birthhouse, where the council has put a notice (which is visible in the photo). "This is the birthhouse of Cristobal Colon". In the first chapters, the author denies with careful and extensive arguments the italian (Genovese) origin of Colon, and then analyzes the names given by Colon to places in America, of which the vast majority are similar to galician villages. It seems to be a serious work (published in 1998), basically because it is prologued by Cristobal Colon de Carvajal y Gorosabel, direct descendant, in its main line, of Cristobal Colon (having therefore all the titles given to him by the Catholic Kings: Duke of Vergara, of la Vega, Marquis of Jamaica, Admiral and Adelantado Mayor de las Indias and so on ....). As far as I know, these two are only a sample of several works demonstrating the galician-spanish origin of this famous sailor.

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