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Chios - Πυργί Χίου Pyrgi

Πλάκας στο σπίτι όπου γεννήθηκε ο Κολόμβος

Plaque at Columbus birth house


Pyrgi, Chios - Πυργί Χίου /  Πλάκας στο σπίτι όπου γεννήθηκε ο Κολόμβος


In 1982 Ruth G. Durlacher Wolper published her study A New Theory Clarifying the Identity of Christophoros Columbus: A Byzantine Prince from Chios, Greece (Published by The New World Museum, San Salvador, Bahamas). She argues that Columbus was from the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, which was under Genoese rule from 1346 to 1566.
A priest named of Pyrghi, the main town on the island, named Κολόμβος "Kolomvos," told Mrs. Durlacher, that his family goes back 600 years on the island.

Enough reason for a plaque in the town of Pyrghi in Chios, funded by the European Union.

From the biography of Ruth Durlacher Wolper (1912-1999): she was a painter became a noted amateur historian and archaeologist. She wrote a pamphlet, published by the Smithsonian, on the "Landfall of Columbus," was instrumental in erecting a monument on the landing beach of Columbus, started the first pre-Columbian museum in the Bahamas, and was a frequent lecturer on Columbus, pre-Columbian artifacts and Bahamian history. In addition, she authored a controversial booklet offering evidence that Columbus was Greek.

Based on Durlacher's theories, a certain Seapal, wrote a phantastic story about Columbus' origin:
"Columbus was not born in Genoa but was a Byzantine nobleman, Disypatos Paleologos.
Paleologos (Columbus) was born in Constantinople in 1439 and not, as the Genoese claim, in their city in 1446, 1447, 1449 or 1451 or 1452. Just before the fall of Constantinople in 1453, Columbus left with his uncle Admiral Disypatos George Paleologos. He was then 14 years old and became a privateer in his uncle’s ship. It was then the time that the French needed good seamen and his uncle eventually became an Admiral in the French navy, which he joined under the name Colon Le Jeune. Colon was a common name then, as it meant 'Captain'." (this last statement is interesting, I wonder if people in France know this meaning of the word Colon !).

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