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Reggio nell'Emilia
Reggio nell'Emilia (prov.)


Parco del Popolo

Lupa Capitolina

Capitoline Wolf

The mythical she-wolf suckling the twins, Romulus and Remus, from the legend of the founding of Rome. The original wolf, dating from the 11th/12th century, with the twins added in the late 15th century, is in the Musei Capitolini in Rome

1935 (copy)

Reggio nell'Emilia /  Lupa Capitolina   Reggio nell'Emilia /  Lupa Capitolina


Copy of the Capitoline Wolf.

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Location (N 44°42'11" - E 10°37'55")

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Item Code: iter185; Photograph: 14 May 2017
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