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San Francisco

Telegraph Hill
(in front of Coit Tower)

Christopher Columbus

Vittorio di Colbertaldo

San Francisco /  Christopher Columbus


Bronze figure of Columbus gazing to the Golden Gate, facing west. Holds an open document in proper left hand. Wears a full-length cape down his back. Wears a neck chain with a large cross. The statue is on a small base of pebble-aggregate concrete. A stone ring surrounds the sculpture and planting area. Fourteen segments of the stone ring are marble and ten segments are repaired with concretized marble


October 12, 1957

On document in proper left hand:) yo el rey ... yo la reyne (Translated Spanish: "I the King ... I the Queen")
(In Latin script on sword at proper left side:) buscar el levante por el poniente (Translated Spanish:) "Search for the East by the West".

Signed: V. DI COLBERTALDO -- Roma 1957

Information Sign

presented to the people of san francisco
by the columbus monument committee
with grateful acknowledgment
to all the donors
who made this memorial possible
including the city of genoa
for the donation of the pedestal
and the marini family
for the gift of the marble ring

(on one side of this inscription:)
to christopher colvmbvs
discoverer of america

(on the other side of the inscription:) october 12, 1957.


The statue is erected by the Italian community of North Beach.


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Locatie (N 37°48'10" - W 122°24'21")

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