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In Honor of Christopher Columbus

William F. Joseph

Denver /  In Honor of Christopher Columbus   Denver /  In Honor of Christopher Columbus


Full-length bronze figure, with four faces, arms and legs facing the four points of the compass, enclosed within a sphere of intersecting circles.


In Honor of Christopher Columbus
(Cristoforo Colombo 1451-1506

Italian Visionary and Great Navigator

This bold explorer was the first European
to set foot on uncharted land, on a West Indies
beach in 1492. His four voyages brought Europe
and the Americas together, forever changing
history. A new nation
was to rise. A new
Democracy was born.

Alfred P. Adamo and Anne E. Adamo
June 24, 1970

Sculptor William F. Joseph.


The statue was presented to the city by Alfred and Anna Adamo in 1970. Their donation was in honor of Colorado as the first state to recognize Columbus Day as a holiday.


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