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Christopher Columbus

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Utica /  Christopher Columbus   Utica /  Christopher Columbus


Full-length figure of Christopher Columbus stands on a tapered pedestal. The figure wears a tunic and medallion. He holds his hat in his proper right hand and a cross and banner in his proper left hand. There is a relief on the base of a sailing vessel with a male figure at the bow and kneeling crew members.


christopher columbus
erected by citizens of utica under
the auspices of federation italian
american society of utica, n.y.
april 25, 1952

(on base, rear:)

the great italian navigator
challenged the dominant
obscurantism of his time
conquered the unknown
gave humanity a new world
was rewarded with chains
and humiliation
died in misery


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Location (N 43°4'46" - W 75°13'51")

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