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Wien (Land)

Judenplatz 2 (1.)
(Haus "Zum großen Jordan")

Taufe Jesu im Jordan

Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan River


Wien /  Taufe Jesu im Jordan   Wien /  Taufe Jesu im Jordan


Relief showing the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan, with above it in a niche St. George.


Flumine Jordani terguntur labe malisque
corpora cum cedit, quod omnes latet nefas.
Sic flamma assurgens Totam furibunda by urbem 1421
hebraeum purgat crimina saeva canum.
Deucalioneis mundus purgatur ab undis
Sicque iterum poenas igne furiente luit.


The house "Zum großen Jordan" (Judenplatz 2) is one of the oldest buildings in Vienna. In 1421, the owner of the building was the Jew Hocz, later it was in possession of a Georg Jordan, who renovated the house in 1497 and added the late Gothic relief, which by the scene of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan alludes to his family name. Above is the statue of St. George, slaying the dragon with a spear, with which the owner has erected a monument to himself. Originally there was a panel with the text: "Ao 1421 warden die Juden hie verbrendt." (in 1421, the Jews were burnt here). Later, Jörg Jordan was the owner and he replaced the old, lost panel by the present inscription, which refers in drastic words to the murder of Jews of 1421.

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