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Wien (Land)

Strauchgasse 1. / Heidenschuss (1.)

Zum Hayden Schuç

At the heathen's blast


Wien /  Zum Hayden Schuç   Wien /  Zum Hayden Schuç


Small equestrian statue of an attacking Turk.


Zum Hayden Schuç


The statue remembers the attack of the Turks in 1529. The Turks were digging mines to enter the town. The tale goes that the continual efforts of the Turks had pushed a mine as far as the house on the Freyung, which bears still the name of Heidenschuss, where it is said that a baker's apprentice discovered it and occasioned its destruction.

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Locatie (N 48°12'40" - E 16°21'58")

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Item Code: atwi108; Photograph: 10 September 2012
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