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Wien (Land)

Spitalgasse 2, Hof 9 (9.)
(Altes AKH Uni-Campus)

Hermann Franz Müller

(Wien 1866 - Wien 1898)
young doctor in Vienna. After an accident with plague germ two nurses and a hospital servant came down with this deadly disease. Dr. Müller and two other nurses took care of them and after a while he was infected too and died short time later
Richard Kauffungen

Wien /  Hermann Franz Müller   Wien /  Hermann Franz Müller


Bronze bust on a pedestal with a relief, "marcus curtius / opfert sich selbst / um seine vaterstadt vor / verderben zu retten" - Marcus Curtius was a mythological young Roman who sacrificed himself to the gods of Hades.

Wien - Hermann Franz Müller


Hermann Franz Müller
geb. 23. October 1866
gest. 23. October 1898


r. kauffungen / 1899


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Location (N 48°13'2" - E 16°21'20")

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Item Code: atwi129; Photograph: 11 September 2012
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