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Sint Begga

Saint Begga

ca. 620 - Andenne 693
daughter of Pepin of Landen. On the death of her husband, she took the veil, founded seven churches, and built a convent at Andenne, where she became abbess. Some hold that the Beguine movement which came to light in the 12th century was actually founded by St Begga


Turnhout /  Sint Begga   Turnhout /  Sint Begga


Stone bust in a large round niche in the gate of the Begijnhof. Under the bust is the text: hanc imaginem j.b. cleeren d.d. 1768 (this bust is donated by J.B. Cleeren, 1768), and under the niche: S. Begga Mater ConDeCorata (chronogram for 1700).

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Location (N 51°19'34" - E 4°56'48")

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Item Code: bean063; Photograph: 3 May 2015
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