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Schaffhausen (Kanton)


Brunnen am Platz

Fountain at the Platz


Schaffhausen /  Brunnen am Platz   Schaffhausen /  Brunnen am Platz


Polychrome stone statue of a soldier in armor, with shield (with coat of arms of Schaffhausen) and fluttering pennons on a lance of bronze., standing on the column of a fountain.

Schaffhausen - Brunnen am Platz Schaffhausen - Brunnen am Platz


On the base of the statue:

avri sacra fames qvid non mortalia pectora cogis

Quote from Vergil, Lines 56-57, in translation:
Fell lust of gold! abhorred, accurst!
What will not men to slake such thirst?


Of all Schaffhausen fountains, the columns and the the carrier of all figures are of painted stone. The remaining precious original sculptures were brought to the Museum zu Allerheiligen and replaced by facsimiles.

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Locatie (N 47°41'51" - E 8°38'6")

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Item Code: chsh008; Photograph: 1 October 2014
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