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Winkelried Monument

Legendary hero of Swiss history, his sacrifice brought about the victory of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the Battle of Sempach (1386) against the army of the Habsburg Duke Leopold III of Austria.
Ferdinand Schlöth

Stans /  Winkelrieddenkmal   Stans /  Winkelrieddenkmal


Marble sculpture showing the sacrifice of Arnold von Winkelried. According to legend, the Swiss initially could not break the close ranks of the Habsburg pikemen. Winkelried cried: "I will open a passage into the line; protect, dear countrymen and confederates, my wife and children..." He then threw himself upon the Austrian pikes, taking some of them down with his body. This broke up the Austrian front, and made an opening through which the Swiss could attack.

Information Sign

Nach mehr als zehnjähriger Planungs- und Ausführungszeit konnte
1865 das von Bildhauer Ferdinand Schlöth, Rom/Basel, geschaffene
Winkelrieddenkmal eingeweiht werden. Die Dreifigurengruppe
zum Gedenken an die Schlacht von Sempach 1386 steht in einer
neugotischen Spitzbogenhalle des Zürcher Architekten Ferdinand


Arnold Winkelried, hero of the battle of Sempach (1386) is said to have directed as many hostile spears as he could grasp towards himself, so they were absorbed and the other Swiss fighters could attack the enemies deprived of their spears.

Stans - Winkelrieddenkmal


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Locatie (N 46°57'23" - E 8°21'56")

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