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Socha Mateřské lásky

Statue of Mother Love

Adolf von Donndorf
Pelargus (Stuttgart)

Svitavy /  Socha Mateřské lásky   Svitavy /  Socha Mateřské lásky


Fountain with a bronze sculpture group "Mutterliebe" (Mother's Love): a water fetching mother with two children.


zum andenken
meine gute mutter
oswald ottendorfer


A. Donndorf fec. 1892.
Hugo Pelargus, geg:Stuttgart

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Socha Mateřské lásky

Autorem sochy je Adolf von Donndorf,
profesor stuttgartské akademie. Sousoši
vzniklo v roce 1892 z finančního daru
Oswalda Ottendorfera, Autorem kašny
a podstavce je brnĕnský kameník Johann
Tomola. Celé sousoši bylo v roce 1981
převezeno od Ottendorferovy knihovny
sem do mĕstského parku.

Statue of Mother Love

The statue's sculptor is Adolf von Donndorf,
Professor of the Stuttgart Academy. The sculpture
was created in 1892 from a financial donation
of Oswald Ottendorfer. The constructor of the fountain
and the base is the Brno mason Johann
Tomola. The whole sculpture was in 1981
transported from Ottendorfer library
to the city park.


The original sculpture was made by Donndorf for Willi D. James in 1876, and was placed in 1891 on Union Square in New York. A second cast was given to the town of Zwittau (Svitavy, Czech Republic). The third cast was given by Donndorf to his native town of Weimar, and the fourth cast was placed in Stuttgart in 1898. In 1917 the Stuttgart copy was molten for the war industry. In 2008 a new cast was made after the copies in Weimar and Svitavy.


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