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Czech Republic
Hlavní mĕsto

U Lužického semináře 13
(Lužický seminář sv. Petra v Praze)

Svatý Petr

Saint Peter

(Greek: Πέτρος, Pétros, "stone, rock"; possibly died AD 67)
apostle, featured prominently in the New Testament and the Acts of the Apostles. Patron saint of locksmiths and confessors. Usually depicted holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in his hand. Peter is the first Pope
Matĕj Václav Jäckl

Praha /  Svatý Petr   Praha /  Svatý Petr


Statue on a socle on the corner of the building.


In the book: 1728 / den / ... / novem / ber


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Location (N 50°5'15" - E 14°24'30")

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Item Code: czpr026; Photograph: 18 February 2011
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