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Grosser Tiergarten

Altgermanische Wisentjagd

Old German Buffalo Hunt

Germanische Büffeljagd
Fritz Schaper
Bronzegießerei Gladenbeck (Friedrichshagen bei Berlin)

Berlin /  Altgermanische Wisentjagd   Berlin /  Altgermanische Wisentjagd


Bronze sculpture group. "Buffalo hunting was a favourite sport in early times and one which demanded considerable skill and hardihood. The group represents the moment when the attentoon of the animal having been distracted by the hounds, the hunter has the opportunity of delivering the coup-de-grace."


f. schaper fec. 1904
akt.-ges. vorm. h. gladenbeck & sohn berlin-friedrichshagen

Bronze Animals in the Tiergarten

The hunt groups and animal figures, erected in the Tiergarten by Emperor Wilhelm II, are illustrating the importance of the Tiergarten as the former princely hunting ground of the Hohenzollern. Cuno von Uechtritz-Steinkirch created in 1904 the imposing Hubertus Fountain at the Großer Stern, which was removed in 1938. The associated hunting scenes are now in the Fasanerieallee:
  1. Altgermanische Wisentjagd / Old German Bison hunt by Fritz Schaper,
  2. Eberjagd der Renaissancezeit /Boar hunt in 1500 by Carl Begas,
  3. Hasenhetze der Rokokozeit / Rabbit baiting in 1750 by Max Baumbach,
  4. Zeitgenössische Fuchsjagd / Fox hunting in 1900 by Wilhelm Haverkamp.
These dramatically staged bronze figure groups betrayed the then prevailing neo-baroque style. During a visit to the studio of the sculptor Rudolf Siemering Wilhelm II saw the designs for the monumental Washington Monument in Philadelphia (USA), inaugurated in 1897. Especially the naturalistically rendered animals at the monument base impressed him and he ordered recasts for the Tiergarten. Two of the eight animal figures, cast in 1902 were lost in World War II, six are placed at different locations in the Tiergarten, we photographed the following:
  1. Two Elk
  2. Bison

Berlin - Altgermanische Wisentjagd


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Item Code: debe058; Photograph: 10 August 2013
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