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Monument for Friesen, Jahn and Körner

Georg Marschall

Wittstock/Dosse /  Friesen-Jahn-Körner-Denkmal   Wittstock/Dosse /  Friesen-Jahn-Körner-Denkmal


Three boulders, each with a bronze plaque with a portrait. From left to right:

Wittstock/Dosse - Friesen-Jahn-Körner-Denkmal
1. Friedrich Friesen
Wittstock/Dosse - Friesen-Jahn-Körner-Denkmal
2. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
Wittstock/Dosse - Friesen-Jahn-Körner-Denkmal
3. Theodor Körner

  1. FRIESEN - Friedrich Friesen (Magdeburg 1784 - near Lalobbe, Ardennes, 1814), co-founder of the German gymnastics (with Jahn), educator and freedom fighter (together with Körner, who died in Friesen's arms). (Wikipedia).
  2. JAHN - Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (Lanz, Brandenburg 1778 - Freyburg, Unstrut 1852), German gymnastics educator and nationalist, commonly known as "Turnvater Jahn" (Wikipedia).
  3. KÖRNER - Theodor Körner (Dresden 1791 - near Gadebusch in Mecklenburg 1813), German poet and soldier (Wikipedia).


(each relief) G. Marschall, (Jahn, added:) 1913.


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Army Officer
  • Educator
  • Friesen, Friedrich
  • Jahn, Friedrich Ludwig
  • Körner (1791-1813), Theodor
  • Marschall, Georg
  • Writer / poet
  • Locatie (N 53°9'58" - E 12°29'8")

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    Item Code: debr016; Photograph: 31 July 2016
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