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Lkr. Miltenberg




Market Fountain

1583/89 (Copy)

Miltenberg /  Marktbrunnen   Miltenberg /  Marktbrunnen


Statue of Lady Justice with sword and scales, between two coats of arms, standing on a column in an octagonal fountain basin. The coats of arms are those of the town of Miltenberg (St. Martin, the patron saint, with a small shield with the letter M and a kneeling figure next to him) and that of Wolfgang von Dalberg, archbishop and elector of Mainz, 1582-1601.

Miltenberg - Marktbrunnen

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Locatie (N 49°41'57" - E 9°15'6")

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Item Code: deby278; Photograph: 29 September 2014
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