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Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Bgm.-Smidt-Straße / Linzer Straße

Die Bugwellen von Bremerhaven

The Bow Waves of Bremerhaven

Norbert Marten
Harms Guß (Oldenburg)

Bremerhaven /  Die Bugwellen von Bremerhaven   Bremerhaven /  Die Bugwellen von Bremerhaven


Ship's prow with female figurehead and two laterally offset bow waves, over which water is flowing (if the fountain is switched on). Its rear side gives an insight into a ship's hull with reduced modeled rope and boat materials. Before the fountain is a ton, a floating navigation mark, which was cast in accordance with the key tonne from the year 1664.


„Die Bugwellen
von Bremerhavenʺ

Künstler: Norbert Marten, Westerstede
Guss: Harms Kunstguss; Oldenburg



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Locatie (N 53°32'29" - E 8°34'52")

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Item Code: dehb019; Photograph: 16 April 2016
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