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Lkr. Fulda




Saint Sturm's Fountain

St. Sturm - St. Boniface - St. Benedict
Johann Philipp Preuß

Fulda /  Sturmiusbrunnen   Fulda /  Sturmiusbrunnen


Three statues on square columns, each which on Latin word in it significant for the saint:
  • FUNDATIO: St. Sturmius / St. Sturm as abbot, with a mitre, abbot's staff and book (bronze statue).
  • MISSIO: St. Bonifatius / St. Boniface as bishop with staff and a Bible pierced by a dagger (stone statue by Preuß).
  • REGULA: St. Benedikt / St. Benedict of Nursia as monk with staff and a Biblie topped by a broken cup and serpent and at his foot a raven (stone statue by Preuß).

    Information Sign

    Im Jahr 744 gründete Sturmius
    [FUNDATIO] im Auftrag des
    Bonifatius [MISSIO] das Kloster
    Fulda as einen für das
    östliche Frankenreich
    vorbildlichen Konvent nach der
    benediktinischen Regel [REGULA].
    Die Klostergründung steht
    damit am Beginn der
    Entwicklung der Stadt.

    Die Neugestaltung der Brunnenanlage aus dem
    Jahr 1963 wurde 2009 durch die Jubiläumsstiftung
    der Sparkasse Fulda gefördert


    The statue of St. Sturm was found some year ago in the garage of a restorer - it was modelled after a statue in the church of Malkes. The two other statues were originally at the entrance of the Bischöfliches Priesterseminar, where they in 1890 were replaced by copies (see here).

    The life-size bronze statue of St. Sturm standing on a circa 1.20 m high base was added to the group of figures of the fountain on the Borgiasplatz. The original funtain has two statues of St. Boniface and St. Benedict which were badly damaged, and had to be replaced by stone casts for conservation reasons. Reconstructed fountain unveiled 24 October 2009.


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    Locatie (N 50°33'6" - E 9°40'39")

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    Item Code: dehs057; Photograph: 15 February 2011
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