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Offenbach am Main
Stadt Offenbach am Main



Offenbacher Köpfe

Offenbach Heads

Friedrich Zorbach

Offenbach am Main /  Offenbacher Köpfe


Historical architectural decoration of a demolished department store built 1902, formerly situated at the corner of Marktplatz and Frankfurter Straße. Restored and provided with frame at the current location in 2001.

Offenbach am Main - Offenbacher Köpfe

The central relief was installed by the Offenbach businessman Adam Seelmann over the entrance of the department store, which was completed in 1902. In favor of a wider sidewalk, the city had imposed upon him the renunciation of the corner of his property. The sculpture shows what Seelmann thought about that: he grabs his head, while Mayor Wilhelm Brink (1848-1912, Wikipedia) takes access to the blueprint.

The sculptures on the left and right of the relief were originally as corbels flanking the entrance, they show:

  1. Junior Chef Engelbert Seelmann, Adam's son.
  2. The architect Max Schröder.

    Offenbach am Main - Offenbacher Köpfe
    Offenbach am Main - Offenbacher Köpfe


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Architect
  • Brink, Wilhelm
  • Businessman
  • Mayor
  • Schröder, Max
  • Seelmann, Adam
  • Seelmann, Engelbert
  • Zorbach, Friedrich
  • Location (N 50°6'29" - E 8°45'40")

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