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Lkr. Uelzen


Bahnhofstraße 6


Group of Figures

Doris Waschk-Balz
Herbert Schmäke Kunstgießerei (Düsseldorf)

Uelzen /  Figurengruppe   Uelzen /  Figurengruppe


Scuplture group in two parts: a half-figure on a round column and a figure with a flapping coat standing on a square column, at the foot of which sits a figure on a few steps.

Uelzen - Figurengruppe Uelzen - Figurengruppe Uelzen - Figurengruppe

The artist herself did not give a name to the group of three bronze sculptures, she made for the Uelzen branch of the Landes-zentralbank. A popular name in Uelzen is "Goebbels" and "Batman", because the profile of one of the figures resembles Hitler's propaganda minister, while the other with his flapping coat seems to be set for flight, just as the bat-like comic book hero.

Doris Waschk-Balz herselfs sees it as "a figure in a dancing move, maybe battered by the wind and also rather unstable, which can in the next moment fly up or fall down."


waschk-balz 91
schmäke düsseldorf

Information Sign

Doris Waschk-Balz
- ohne Titel -

Bronze, 1991

Die 3 Bronzeguss-Figuren bilden eine
zusammengehörende Skulpturengruppe,
gestiftet von der Landeszentralbank anlässlich
ihres Neubaus 1991


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Location (N 52°57'58" - E 10°33'19")

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Item Code: dens424; Photograph: 7 August 2016
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