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Kr. Warendorf


Emsstraße / Herrenstraße

Der Pferdekopf

The Horse's Head

Jörg Heydemann

Telgte /  Der Pferdekopf   Telgte /  Der Pferdekopf


Bronze sculpture of a horse's head, the mouth kept open by two foreams. On the arms are coins depicted. In the mouth, the word ICH ("I") is written.


[two mirror reversed C's, the second with a hyphen on top] 85.


The bronze sculpture shows a central act in the purchase of horses: Two hands open the horse's mouth, so that age and health can be examined. Then the business is sealed by a handshake. The artist reduced the horse trader to his powerful forearms. The coins on the arm define the horse as the product and announce the imminent change of owner. Looking into the horses mouth, an "I" self-esteem and dignity of the creature is demonstrated.


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Location (N 51°59'1" - E 7°47'15")

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Item Code: denw102; Photograph: 16 August 2009
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