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El Tiemblo
Ávila (prov.)

Castilla y León


Toros de Guisando

Bulls of Guisando

Prehistoric sculptor
200 BC

El Tiemblo /  Toros de Guisando   El Tiemblo /  Toros de Guisando


Four granite bulls.


The Bulls of Guisando (Spanish: Toros de Guisando) are a set of celtiberian sculptures located on the hill of Guisando in the municipality of El Tiemblo, Ávila, Spain. The sculptures, made of granite, represent quadrupeds identified as bulls or pigs. The balance of opinion favours bulls: there are holes which have been interpreted as sockets for horns.

The Bulls of Guisando are examples of a type of ancient sculpture called verracos of which hundreds are known. They are associated with the territory of a celtiberian tribe called the Vettones. The Bulls may have been made during the second century BC. Whether they are in their original position is debatable. There are some Latin graffiti on them which may mean they were repositioned in Roman times.



Location (N 40°21'38" - W 4°26'30")

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Item Code: escl013; Photograph: 11 May 2006  / updated: 21 September 2009
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