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Promenade des Alliés

Alfred Hitchcock

Leytonstone, London, 1899 - Bel Air, California, USA, 1980
British film director
Lionel Ducos

Dinard /  Alfred Hitchcock   Dinard /  Alfred Hitchcock


Statue of Alfred Hitchcock with a seagull and a crow on his shoulders.

Dinard - Alfred Hitchcock Dinard - Alfred Hitchcock


Signed: Fonderie le floch Nantes 1/8

Information Sign

Alfred Hitchcock
Réalisatuer anglais
(1899 - 1980)

Statue inaugurée le 8 octobre 2009
oar Marius Mallet, maire
lors du XXeme Festival du Film Britannique
de Dinard

Le Hitchcock d'or, trophée de Festival
"Oeuvre du sculpteur Lionel Ducos"


In 2004 the original statue blew away in a gale but this year it was replaced by a sturdier one in bronze, by the same sculptor.

It is claimed locally that Alfred Hitchcock visited Dinard and based the house used in his most famous movie Psycho on a villa standing over the Plage de l'écluse, but no evidence is produced.



Locatie (N 48°38'7" - W 2°3'17")

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