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Jacques II du Guémadeuc

c. 1495 - 1524
regional nobleman

16th century

Pléneuf-Val-André /  Jacques II du Guémadeuc   Pléneuf-Val-André /  Jacques II du Guémadeuc


Two fragments of the recumbent effigy of Jacques Du Guémadeuc II, dating from the early sixteenth century: a bust above the entrance gate of the rectorygarden and a fragment of the tombstone with a leopard in the wall.

Pléneuf-Val-André - Jacques II du Guémadeuc
Leopard, fragment of tombstone in the wall
Pléneuf-Val-André - Jacques II du Guémadeuc


The complete monument was a figure of a man with a lion at his feet and to his left a shield engraved with the arms of the lordship: lion, silver shell on black background with figure, dressed in military armor. The text was: "ci-git Jacques de son vivant Sire de Guemadeuc décédé l'an 1524" (Here lies Jacques in his lifetime Sire of Guemadeuc died the year 1524). It was placed before the bench reserved for the lords of the church in Guémadeuc Pléneuf. The effigy was lying broken in 1771.

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