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Saint Galderic

9th century local saint
artist unknown

Saint-Gaudéric /  Saint-Gaudéric   Saint-Gaudéric /  Saint-Gaudéric


Metal statue of a man on a half circle around a big boulder.


According to a wikipedia commons photo it is a statue of Columbus. That is in Saint-Gaudéric, a village with 58 inhabitants, without any relation to Columbus, very unlikely. It is therefore believed that it represents Saint Gauderic, from whom is said that he travelled around the world.

Saint Gaudéric

Saint Gaudéric (or Gaudérique, Galderic) was born in the village of Viéville, now St. Gauderic. He was very popular in the diocese of Mirepoix and Roussillon. He gave his name to his home village between Mirepoix and Fanjeaux as well as to an area of Perpignan.
There is no ancient document on the life of this saint. According to the Benedictine editors of "The Lives of the Saints and Blessed" the stories about him that have survived belong to the realm of legends.



Locatie (N 43°7'41" - E 1°56'49")

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Item Code: frlr001; Photograph: 2 September 2011
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