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Monument aux combattants de 1870

Monument to the Soldiers of 1870

Théophile Barrau
J. Malesset (Paris)

Toulouse /  Monument aux combattants de 1870   Toulouse /  Monument aux combattants de 1870


Bronze statue of the French Republic on a pedestal. At the foot of the pedestal a bronze sculpture group, showing Toulouse - depicted as a woman with a city crown - helping two soldiers. On the right side is a plow (with the signature of the sculpture), on the back the coat of arms of Toulouse.


aux enfants de toulouse
et de la haute-garonne

morts pour la patrie
en 1870-1871

monument érigé
sur l'initiative de la fédération des combattants de 1870-1871
avec le concours
de la ville de toulouse et d'une souscription publique

Signed: Ch. Barrau / Sculpteur / 1908
paul pujol / arch. invenit
j. malesset / fondeur d'art / paris


Model for the statue was Mrs. Barrau.


Sources & Information


  • Country: France
  • Barrau, Théophile
  • Coat of arms
  • France (allegory)
  • Malesset (Paris), J.
  • Plow
  • Soldier
  • Toulouse (personification)
  • War Memorial (France - Franco-Prussian War)
  • Locatie (N 43°35'36" - E 1°26'46")

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