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Grand Rond

Louis Vestrepain

1809 - 1865
Occitan poet.
Antonin Mercié
1898 (copy)

Toulouse /  Louis Vestrepain   Toulouse /  Louis Vestrepain


Stone statue of a fat boy.


Signed: juillet 67 / r a

Grand Rond (Sculptures)

The Grand Rond (Grand Circle) or Boulingrin (Bowling Green) is a public garden southeast of the city center, built between 1752 and 1754. It has the form of a very large roundabout with four four aisles, the allées Jules Guesde, François Verdier, Paul-Sabatier and Frederic Mistral. This roundabout is so vast (4 hectares) that is transformed into an English garden in the nineteenth century.

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Locatie (N 43°35'44" - E 1°27'6")

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Item Code: frmp049; Photograph: 2 September 2011
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