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Broad Street

The Crossing

Mark DeGraffenried
Toledo Bronzeworks

Portsmouth /  The Crossing   Portsmouth /  The Crossing


Bronze sculpture of a family waiting to leave.


2001 3/8 DeGraffenried
Toledo / Bornzeworks

Information Sign

a permanent legacy to
the commitment of the europeans
who courageously left their native lands
to create a new home in america

presented to
the city of portsmouth
on 27th august 2001

by members of
the pioneer heritage foundation


From DeGraffenried's website: "The Crossing" commission awarded by Seatrek Foundation. Four life-size emigrant families (each family consisted of a mother, father and two children) cast in bronze to commemorate our pioneer heritage from Europe. Permanent locations at Mersey Side Dock Maritime Museum, Liverpool England, Broad Street, Portsmouth England, and Albert Dock, Hull England. One life-size bronze on loan at Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. DeGraffenried sculpted each piece as well as assisted with the bronze casting and installation of the finished sculptures.

The Pioneer Heritage Foundation were originally known as the Sea Trek Foundation, which was formed by a Salt Lake venture capitalist William Sadleir to charter three tall ships to take part in a re-creation of the Atlantic Ocean crossings by 19th century converts who emigrated to America. Unfortunately the venture ran up huge debts which it was unable to pay and was eventually saved by an affiliate of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints who then sued the Sea Trek Foundation for the money.

Fund raising to pay off the debt continues and "will come in $500 increments", Sadleir said, from people who want to have their family name and the name of an ancestor included on a bronze plaque to be displayed at one of several statuary monuments financed by Sea Trek. Some of those statues have been placed in port cities that Sea Trek stopped in, while others are completed but have yet to be placed in their destined locations.

No names have yet been inscribed on the Portsmouth Memorial


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Locatie (N 50°47'22" - W 1°6'24")

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