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Field Gunner's Memorial

Christopher Kelly

Portsmouth /  Field Gunner's Memorial   Portsmouth /  Field Gunner's Memorial


Statue of a man with a gun wheel.

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1947 - 1999
this bronze statue and field gun
commemorate those men from portsmouth
command who competed in the annual field
gun competition at the royal tournament
and trained at "royal naval barracks"
portsmouth from 1947 until cessation of
the tournament in august 1999

To the Limit - and Beyond


Statue commemorating all those teams which represented Portsmouth in the annual Field Gun Races at each year's Royal Tournament. The origins of the race hark back to the relief of Ladysmith during the Boer War when naval guns were hauled overland

There are 8 plaques around the base of each half of this memorial. Those around the field gun competitor illustrate various parts of the competition course. Those around the field gun recount the history of both the origins during the Boer War and the subsequent competition.


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Locatie (N 50°48'4" - W 1°6'35")

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