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Margate Surfboat Memorial

also known as the Margate Memorial, the Lifeboat Memorial and the Surfboat Friend to All Nations memorial.
Memorial to the nine out of a crew of 13 who died in a failed rescue attempt by the boat Friend to all Nations in Margate in 1897.
Frederick Callcott
Elkington & Co.

Margate /  Margate Surfboat Memorial   Margate /  Margate Surfboat Memorial


Bronze statue of a sailor, in a thick oilskin dress and wearing a primitive life jacket, looking out to sea, one hand shading his eyes.


To the memory of
William Philpott Cook Senr. coxswain
Henry Richard Brockman Robert Ernest Cook
William Philpott Cook
Junr. Edward Robert Grunden
John Benjamin Dike William Richard Gill
George Robert William Ladd Crew

Charles E. Troughton
Superintendent of the Margate Ambulance Corps
who lost their lives through the capsizing of
the Margate Surf Boat Friend to all Nations
on Thursday 2nd December 1897


fred callcott | sculpt. | 1899
elkington & cy l | founders

Margate - Margate Surfboat Memorial


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