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Milton Regis

South East England

Mill Way

Known by their fruits

Mark Folds

Milton Regis /  Known by their fruits   Milton Regis /  Known by their fruits


Limestone sculpture of a grim-faced fruit-trader man with a wheel-barrow with fruit. According to Richard Dorrell "… the man is 'grim faced' because he is a worker from the brick making industry - he is dressed in typical brick maker clothing, and pushes a 2-wheel barrow of the type used to carry clay from where it was dug to where the bricks were made. The fruit and hops in his barrow in the sculpture are symbolic, showing Sittingbourne to be a centre for fruit and hop growing as well as brick making."

Milton Regis - Known by their fruits


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Location (N 51°21'4" - E 0°44'26")

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Item Code: gbse114; Photograph: 15 August 2015
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