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Swansea - Abertawe
Swansea - Abertawe (C. & Cty.)


Marine Walk, Maritime Quarter
(Swansea Observatory - Gwylfa Abertawe)


Robert Conybear & Uta Molling

Swansea - Abertawe /  Ecliptica   Swansea - Abertawe /  Ecliptica


Sculpture of a standing woman with two rings in her hands on top of the observatory tower. On the sides of the tower are four masks.

Swansea - Abertawe / Ecliptica Swansea - Abertawe / Ecliptica


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Locatie (N 51°36'50" - W 3°56'11")

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Item Code: gbwa046; Photograph: 25 July 2012
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