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Sam Maguire

Mallabraca, near Dunmanway 1877 - Dunmanway 1927
Irish republican and Gaelic footballer; chiefly remembered as the eponym of the Sam Maguire Cup, given to the All-Ireland Senior Champions of Gaelic football
Maurice Harron

Dunmanway - <i>Dún Mánmhaí</i> /  Sam Maguire   Dunmanway - <i>Dún Mánmhaí</i> /  Sam Maguire


Statue of Sam Maguire mounted on a plinth decorated with 23 small relief with depictions of Gaelic games.

Dunmanway - Dún Mánmhaí / Sam Maguire Dunmanway - Dún Mánmhaí / Sam Maguire
Dunmanway - Dún Mánmhaí / Sam Maguire Dunmanway - Dún Mánmhaí / Sam Maguire



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Sam Maguire

The Legendary Sportsman and Patriot, born at Mallabracka, Dunmanway in 1879.
A close associate of Michael Collins, he worked in the British Postal service and
was a crucial source of intelligence for the IRB. He was a leading light in the GAA
in London in the early 1900s and captained the London Hibernians Football Team
in three All-Ireland Finals. A cup was commissioned in his memory by a group of
friends in 1928 shortly after his death and it was presented to the GAA. This
became the famous Sam MaguireCup which is the trophy for the winners of the
All-Ireland Football Championship.


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