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Limerick - Luimneach
Limerick - Luimneach

Bedford Row

Richard Harris as King Arthur

Richard St John Harris (Limerick 1930 - London 2002)
Irish actor, singer, theatrical producer, film director and writer. He appeared on stage and in many films
Séamus Connolly

Limerick - Luimneach /  Richard Harris as King Arthur   Limerick - Luimneach /  Richard Harris as King Arthur


Bronze statue of Richard Harris as King Arthur holding his sword in the air. Standing on a circular stone plinth with the text PEACE NOT WAR, and four plaques with text and reliefs showing Harris in three different films.


Richard Harris
Richard Harris playing King Arthur in Camelot (1967).
Holding alof a reversed sword, he proclaims:
"peace not war".

the harris family
The Harris family business
included flour milling, a huge
bakery in Henry Street and a
chain of confectionery shops.
They employed as many as 500
people and a fleet of Harris cargo
boats plied the Shannon. Also,
keenly interested in sports they
founded the Limerick County
Lawn Tennis Club.

Richard, one of six boys and
two girls was born to Ivan and
Mildred Harris on 1st October
1930. The brothers starred as

rugby players. Educated by the
Jesuits in Crescent College, which
the Harris family helped to
establish, Richard excelled at rugby,
poetry and the performing Arts.

In 1956 he studied at the London
Academy of Music and Dramatic
Art. He was discovered by Joan
Littlewood, Producer/Director. He
starred in over 80 international
films and on stage.

Richard St. John Frances Harris died
in London on 25th October 2002.

Extract from
Richard Harris's Poem:
"There Are Too Many
Saviours On My Cross" (1972):

I hear your daily cries
in the far-off byways in your mouth
north and south
and my calvary looms again
in rebirth
your earth is partitioned
but in contrition
it is the partition in your hearts
that you must abolish.

The erection of this bronze statue, in memory and celebration of
the life of Richard Harris, Actor was                                    
unanimously approved by Limerick City Council.            
It was unveiled by Mayor Ger Fahy in 7th September 2007.
Sculptor: Jim Connolly.

This film, a
recognised classic,
tells the story of the
harsh life and
realities of a
professional rugby
footballer in England.
His powerful
performance in

Richard Harris

Limerick - Luimneach / Richard Harris as King Arthur

This Sporting Life (1963)

the leading role as
Frank Machen
launched a
remarkable debut
and won for Richard
Harris international
acclaim and a Best
Actor Oscar

This film, a rural Irish
masterpiece, was
adapted by Jim
Sheridan from a
stage play written by
John B. Keane. It tells
the story of an Irish
farmer willing to go
to any lengths, to
keep a field in his family

Richard Harris

Limerick - Luimneach / Richard Harris as King Arthur

The Field (1990)

had cultivated for
generations. His
performance as the
doomed farmer, Bull
McCabe, was to
re-inviforate Richard
Harris's acting career
and win for him his
second Oscar

This epic film is a
re-enactment of the
rise and fall of the
Roman Empire, at the
time of the Emperor
Marcus Aurelius and
disastrous rule of his

Richard Harris

Limerick - Luimneach / Richard Harris as King Arthur

Gladiator (2000)

son Commodus. This
Academy Award
winning film, has a
star studded cast
and his performance
as the Emperor won
for Richard Harris
high acclaim


Jim Connolly 2007
(the reliefs) JC 2007


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