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Tuam - Tuaim
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Market Square

Tuaha Tuama

Cathy Carman

Tuam - Tuaim /  Tuaha Tuama   Tuam - Tuaim /  Tuaha Tuama


Modern sculpture of two intertwingled stylized figures.


This bronze sculpture erected in 1994 depicts modern Tuam as a
Community looking outward into the world but embracing its
history symbolised by Jarlath's wheel in the centre. At the base are
three motifs from the Town's Coat of Arms - the Crown of Tuam's
12th century High King's, Christ's Crown as on the High Cross of
Tuam and the broken chariot wheel of St. Jarlath, founder of the town
and diocese.



Location (N 53°30'52" - W 8°51'3")

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Item Code: ie282; Photograph: 19 June 2014
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