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Parma (prov.)


Via Garibaldi

Beata Vergine Addolorata

Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows (Latin: Beata Maria Virgo Perdolens), Our Lady of Dolours, the Sorrowful Mother or Mother of Sorrows (Latin: Mater Dolorosa), and Our Lady of Piety, Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows or Our Lady of the Seven Dolours are names by which the Virgin Mary is referred to in relation to sorrows in her life
Luigi da Ca'

Soragna /  Beata Vergine Addolorata   Soragna /  Beata Vergine Addolorata


Stone column with a statue of St. Mary, holding a heart with four swords in it. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sorrows was installed in 1785 on the Piazzale dei Serviti by Guido IV Meli Lupi, Prince of Soragna. On the Piazzale dei Serviti stood the Church of the Visit of the Virgin Mary, expanded in 1651 and demolished in 1817 as a result of the Napoleonic suppression.


guido meli-lupi
s.r.i. princeps
dono dedit
patres servorum mariæ
huius coenobii alumini
erici curarunt
an. dni. mdcclxxxv

restaurato l'anno della pace 1945
perpetuo ricordo del voto alla b.v. addolorata
fatto dalla parrocchia di soragna il 17 sett. 1944
per la propria incolumita


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Location (N 44°55'39" - E 10°7'33")

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Item Code: iter117; Photograph: 13 May 2017
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