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Genova (prov.)


Palazzo di San Giorgio

Affresco sulla facciata del Palazzo di San Giorgio

Fresco on the façade of the San Giorgio Palace

15. . (16th century)

Genova /  Affresco sulla facciata del Palazzo di San Giorgio


Fresco on the façade of the Palazzo di San Giorgio on Genoa's harbour front.


The Palazzo di San Giorgio, built in 1260, was for some time the town hall, custom office and bank of St. George. The San Giorgio bank was the first bank in Europe and it was so powerful that it was able to finance the English crown and many other crowns in Europe. In the 16th century on the harbour side an extension was built and painted with frescoes. Columbus had a relation with this bank. In his will he offers one-tenth of his income to be held in trust by the Banco di San Giorgio for the benefit of the citizens of Genoa.


Location (N 44°24'32" - E 8°55'42")

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Item Code: itli027; Photograph: 9 August 2001
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