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Firenze (prov.)


Piazza San Marco

Manfredo Fanti

Carpi 1806 - Firenze/Florence 1865
Italian general; he is known as the founder of the Regio Esercito
Pio Fedi & Clemente Papi

Firenze /  Manfredo Fanti   Firenze /  Manfredo Fanti


Bronze statue of Fanti depicted standing, bare-headed, with his uniform largely concealed beneath a large mantle, holding the sword with his left hand and holding in his right hand a roll, symbolizing the regulation of the Italian army drafted by him. The statue is sculpted by Fedi. The marble pedestal has marble reliefs (by Papi) and texts on the sides and bronze statuettes in the chamfered corners.

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti

La Politica (Politics), La Strategia (Strategy), La Tattica (Tactics), and La Fortificazione (Art of Fortifications)
identification of the four statuettes is uncertain, already apparent in the literature of time, since the inscriptions were never added.

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti
The assault between San Martino and Pozzolengo in the battle of Solferino and San Martino on 24 June 1859

Firenze - Manfredo Fanti
War instruments, uniforms and flags


nato a carpi il 25 di febbraio 1806
per amore di libertà
esule nel mdcccxxxi
apprese in spagna
le arti della milizia
e nelle guerre d'italia
generale d'armata
affrettò col valore e col senno
l'indipendenza e l'unità della patria
morì a firenze il 5 di aprile del 1865

col concorso di cittadini e di municipi
primo quello di firenze
gli fece questo monumento
nel mdccclxxii


Sources & Information


  • Fanti, Manfredo
  • Fedi, Pio
  • Fortification (allegorie), Art of
  • General
  • Papi, Clemente
  • Politics (allegory)
  • Statue
  • Strategy (allegory)
  • Tactics (allegory)
  • Location (N 43°46'40" - E 11°15'31")

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