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Saint Mary

La Grande Rue
(Path to the Devil's Hole)

The Devil

Ian Bishop

Saint Mary /  The Devil   Saint Mary /  The Devil


Metal statue of the devil with horns and hooves, standing in a little pond at the beginning of the path to the Devil's Hole.


The origin of the statue of the devil near Devil's Hole is the shipwreck of the French cutter La Josephine. The broken figurehead of the ship was washed up through the whole in de rocks of Devil's hole (then still named Le Creux de Vis). A local sculptor, Captain John Giffard, decided to add arms and legs tom the figurehead, giving it the appearance of the Devil. His sculpture was erected by the hole which made the site a popular visitor attraction. The original wooden statue of the Devil has been replaced by a succession of various Devils en moved position from in the hole itself, to looking down into the hole, to within the German WWII sentry enclosure and finally to the pond at the top where the most recent Devil can be seen today.


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Location (N 49°15'1" - W 2°10'10")

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Item Code: je26; Photograph: 3 August 2015
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