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Utenos apskritis

J. Basanavičiaus gatvė

Belaukiant kelionės

Awaiting for a trip

Arvydas Ališanka

Utena /  Belaukiant kelionės   Utena /  Belaukiant kelionės


Boulder with a life-size intaglio relief of a sitting person.

Sculptor Arvydas Ališanka:

"The idea of the sculpture 'Awaiting for a trip' – the indentation of my person in the stone – a place for others to wait for a trip. The sculpture becomes finished when somebody is seated in it. My grandfather, the chief of Leliūnai village used to meet the President of Lithuania passing by along the postal route. Today, my sculpture meets the passers by and invites to take a seat, to wait for a trip in it…"

Utena - Belaukiant kelionės Utena - Belaukiant kelionės


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Location (N 55°29'52" - E 25°36'2")

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Item Code: lt004; Photograph: 12 July 2013
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