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Utenos apskritis

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(Kristaus Žengimo į dangų bažnyčia - Christ Assumption Church)

Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado

Saints statues on the church façade

Antanas Deveikis

Utena /  Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado   Utena /  Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado


The stone church, built in 1882-1884, is very special, because its trunnion cross is covered with a big central cupola. It is a mixture of Romantic and Byzantine style. Next to the church there is high stone bell tower, built approximately in 1876. The church was consecrated in 1898.
In the front façade two statues flanking the entrance, and in the tympanum is a relief:

Utena - Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado
Utena - Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado
Utena - Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado
  1. (left) Apaštalas Petras / St. Peter (possibly died AD 67), apostle, featured prominently in the New Testament and the Acts of the Apostles. Patron saint of locksmiths and confessors. Usually depicted holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in his hand. Peter is the first Pope (Wikipedia)
  2. (right) Apaštalas Paulius / St. Paul the Apostle, (c. 5 - c. 67 ), persecuted the early followers of Jesus before switching sides and seeking to join them. He was instrumental in creating the Christian Church. He is the protector of tent-makers, theologians and the ecclesiastical press and is depicted with a sword. (Wikipedia).
  3. (Tympanum relief) Marija su kūdikiu / Mary with Child, worshipped by shepherds. Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ (Wikipedia).

    On the roof, above the entrance, is a statue:

    Utena - Šventųjų skulptūros ant bažnyčios fasado
  4. Arkangelas Mykolas / Archangel Michael, blowing a trumpet. the Archangel, the field commander of the Army of God. He is often depicted slaying Satan represented as a dragon, and with a shield with text quis ut deus (Who is like God?, a literal translation of the name Michael). (Wikipedia).
    The sculptor of this statue is Antanas Deveikis.


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  • Deveikis, Antanas
  • Façade with statues (church)
  • Mary with Child
  • Michael, St.
  • Paul, St.
  • Peter, St.
  • Sheep
  • Shepherd
  • Location (N 55°29'37" - E 25°36'19")

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