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Ponta Delgada
(Fr. de São Sebastião)
São Miguel (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Rua de São Joaquim
(Cemitério São Joaquim)

Alfredo de Melo Bento

Vila Franca do Campo 1909 - Ponta Delgada 1994
Engineer, working in the Department of Electrical Services and Road Traffic of the General Board of the Autonomous District of Ponta Delgada, in charge of driving tests and inspections
artist unknown
c. 1994

Ponta Delgada /  Alfredo de Melo Bento   Ponta Delgada /  Alfredo de Melo Bento


Plaque with a portrait relief on Bento's funeral monument.



Location (N 37°44'55" - W 25°40'30")

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Item Code: ptac040; Photograph: 22 June 2016
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