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Ponta Delgada
(Fr. de São Pedro)
São Miguel (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Rua Mãe de Deus - Alameda do Duque de Bragança
(Observatório Afonso Chaves)

Industria e Comercio

Industry and Trade


Ponta Delgada /  Industria e Comercio


On two columns flanking the entrance gate to the Observatório Afonso Chaves are two statues, industria and comercio.

Ponta Delgada - Industria e Comercio
Industria / Industry
Ponta Delgada - Industria e Comercio
Comercio / Trade


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Location (N 37°44'45" - W 25°39'45")

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Item Code: ptac165; Photograph: 2 July 2016
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