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Moscow - Москва

Il'inskiye Vorota ploshchad'
Ильинские Ворота площадь

Памятник героям Плевны

Monument to the Heroes of Plevna

Vladimir Sherwood

Moscow - Москва /  Памятник героям Плевны   Moscow - Москва /  Памятник героям Плевны


Memorial chapel, octagonal and mostly from cast iron. Each side has three levels. The lower level is decorated with a high relief plaque illustrating the exploits of the Grenadiers.

a Russian peasant, blessing his son, a grenadier, before the march

a Janissar with a dagger taking a child from his mother

a grenadier taking a Turkish soldier prisoner

a wounded Russian soldier with his last effort ripping off a chain from a woman representing Bulgaria

The second level has four texts, two of them in church-slavic (for me unreadable), the other two are:

своимѣ товарищамѣ,
вѣ славномѣ бою
28го ноября
1877го года
1877го 1878го года

Карсѣ, Аладжа,

to their comrades
who fell
in the glorious battle of
28 November
In memory
of the war
with Turkey,
in the years 1877 and 1878

Kars, Aladja
Hadji Waly

The third level four reliefs of saints.

The interior, now empty, once housed a set of bronze plaques listing 18 Grenadier officers and 542 soldiers who died at Plevna.

Front of a statue are two cast iron bollards with the words Вѣ пользу / увѣчныхѣ / гренадерѣ / и / ихѣ / семействѣ (in favor of lame Grenadiers and their families).


In 1877 near the Bulgarian city of Plevna there was a historic battle between Russian army under the command of general Mikhail Scobelev and Turkish troops of Osman-pasha. 40,000 Russian warriors gave their lives to save their Slavic brothers from the Osman yoke.

The memorial chapel was built up at the cost of grenadiers' donations in memory of comrades fallen by Plevna. The building of the memorial was supported by the whole Russian community who took the Russian-Turkish war as their sacred duty to protect coreligionist brother nations.

The Chapel of Plevna was unveiled on 11th December, 1887 on the 10th anniversary of the heroic battle.

In Soviet times, the chapel was abandoned, much of the interior decoration, jewelry and bronze plates with names of the fallen grenadier lost.

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