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Moscow - Москва

Tverskoy Bul'var 25
Тверской Бульвар 25
(Maxim Gorki Literature Inst. - Литературный инст. им А.М. Горького)

Александр Иванович Герцен

Aleksander Ivanovich Gertsen (Alexander Herzen)

Moscow 1812 - Paris 1870
Russian pro-Western writer and thinker known as the "father of Russian socialism"
M.I. Mil'berger

Moscow - Москва /  Александр Иванович Герцен   Moscow - Москва /  Александр Иванович Герцен


Bronze statue.




Aarchitect K. M. Sapegin - К.М. Сапегин.

Tverskoy Bul'var 25 - Тверской Бульвар 25

The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute - Литературный институт имени А. М. Горького
Higher education institute in Moscow, founded in 1933 on the initiative of Maxim Gorky, and received the current name at Gorky's death in 1936. The building is known as the Herzen House - Дом Герцена. In the garden is a statue of Herzen, and on the building are commemorative plaques for Platonov, Mandelstamm and Andreyev.


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Location (N 55°45'46" - E 37°36'7")

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