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Moscow - Москва

Chistoprudnyy bul'var
Чистопрудный бульвар

Памятник Абаю Кунанбаеву

Monument to Abai Ibrahim Qunanbaiuli

Russian: Абай Кунанбаев
Kazakh: Абай Ибраһим Құнанбайұлы
Karaul, Semipalatinskaya oblast 1845 - Karaul 1904
Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher
Marat Aynekov

Moscow - Москва /  Памятник Абаю Кунанбаеву   Moscow - Москва /  Памятник Абаю Кунанбаеву


Bronze statue of a sitting Abai with an artistic environment with curved white walls. The composition includes two stone statues, created in the style of the Polovtsian idols. One (the tallest), obviously, represents a Russian, the other, a Kazakh.



казахский поэт
и мыслитель

Kazakh poet
and thinker

вечен творец бессмертного слова

дар республики казахстан
столице россии городу москве
Eternal creator of the immortal words

Gift of the Republic of Kazakhstan
to Russia's capital city of Moscow


The monument was inaugurated on 4 April 2006. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The authors of the sculpture weresculptor Marat Aynekov, designer Timur Suleymenov - Тимур Сулейменов, artist Edward Drobitskiy - Эдуард Дробицкий and architect Vyacheslav Romanenko Вячеслав Романенко.


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Location (N 55°45'44" - E 37°38'34")

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